• How to Arrange Food In The Refrigerator
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    Refrigerators are much like your cabinets. Just like your cabinets it also needs attention to be cleaned at least twice a month. If you do not do this, chances are the food inside your fridge might already be spoiled. You want to make especially sure that your fridge does not become a nesting ground for rotting food and garbage. So how do you clean your fridge? It is actually simple, aside from taking out the entire contents of fridge; you should also know the basics of arranging food inside the fridge. Here are some useful tips on how to arrange the food in your fridge:

    • After you have cleaned the fridge thoroughly (that means that it has been defrosted and wiped off completely), you need to pay attention to the several compartments found at the back of the door of the fridge. Put the cheese and butter inside the dairy compartment. If you have eggs, put them in the egg compartment just beside the cheese compartment and no do not put anything else in there like onions, marbles and round things. Next, there are a lot of areas just behind the fridge's door where you can put your cartons, bottled waters, apple cider, beer cans and other liquids. Also, you can put in this area those heat-sensitive drugs like antibiotics and others. The bottom line is that this area should contain most of the liquids.

    • Meat and poultry should go inside the chiller to stop them from spoiling. There are actually two or more compartments of this so just dedicate one compartment to meat and the other one to deserts and ice. Make sure that you separate them as much as possible to prevent contamination.

    • Vegetables should be kept on the vegetable bin. This is found on the bottom portion of your fridge. There is also a humidity controller on this bin so just select the right option according to what your manual is saying. This is important to always keep your vegetables crisp.

    • The wide area between the vegetable bin and chiller is where you place your left-over foods, spreads, fruits, salads, pastries and other pre- cooked foods. However, you still need to learn organization to arrange this food. Since spreads and other preserves like jam and chutney have longer shelf life, you can put them at the back. Leftovers should be placed in air and moisture tight receptacles and can be arranged at the spot where you can easily see them. Fruits should be placed just above the vegetable bin and pastries and cakes should be placed just above the fruits. The bottom line here is that the temperature inside the fridge decreases if you go up the fridge while moisture decreases from the bottom going up that is why the fruits and vegetables are placed at the bottom because the moisture is present here.

    There is no science about arranging things inside the fridge. All you need to do is to have a keen eye on where things should be placed.

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