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    It is easy to decide to get a cell phone. What may not be so simple is choosing a wireless cell phone plan to go with it. There are a few basic types of plans. Knowing about them can help make your decision easier. Here is a short overview of some of the major types:

    Basic calling plans – These plans are for those who intend to use their phone as a phone. They provide for a certain amount of minutes of talk time, and anything else will likely cost extra. Things considered as “anything else” include texting, internet use, uploading photos, and even downloading new ringtones. These plans are great for people who usually use a computer and internet connection for all their data needs, and who rarely do any texting.

    Talk Text plans – An upgraded basic wireless cell phone plan. It will also allow for a certain amount of texting to be done for a single rate. For a higher rate, some even offer unlimited texting. An unlimited-texting plan is great for teenagers who would otherwise run up newsworthy bills.

    Data plans – These allow for more economical usage of a phone’s data capabilities, along with providing talk time. Many enjoy being able to check their email from their phone or uploading some pictures through the device. By having a data plan, you can avoid being hit with surprise fees in connection with such usage.

    Unlimited plans – If you want to use your phone like a portable computer, this is the plan to get. This high-end option lets you use the internet often and upload and download a lot of data. Of course, you can also talk and text. However, there is one caveat: Read the fine print. Sometimes the word “unlimited” only means they won’t shut your connection off, but there can be overage charges resulting from extreme data transfer use.

    By keeping these basic plan types in mind, it will be a lot easier to choose the perfect wireless cell phone plan. The main thing is to try to get a plan that only includes what you’ll actually use often. This way, you’ll only end up paying for what you really use and thereby keep your cell phone bills as low as possible.

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